Photo Booth Backdrop Options

We understand that sometimes your event doesn’t call for a photo booth. That’s why we are giving you the option to simply rent the backdrop. That’s right, for the cost of what you would spend on a DIY Selfie Station, you can rent one of our top quality, pillow case, tension backdrops for your event. No longer will you have a raid Party City, or Amazon, to try to piece together a photo station backdrop, you simply just pick your favorite backdrop from our inventory and your worries are gone.

Because the worst part of a DIY photo backdrop, is that it looks DIY.

For a one-time fee, we will come set up the backdrop prior to the event and pick it up after. The rental is for the night, so it doesn’t matter how long your event goes, you’re covered. Take a look below to see our options.

$100 Backdrop Rental Options

$125 Backdrop Rental Options