Legacy Booth

Premier Photo Booths is proud to boast the the most cutting edge, feature rich photo booths in Tampa Bay.

Canon  Rebel t5i DSLR Camera: There is no important feature to a photo booth than the camera, obviously. But, it is also one of the most overlooked. A lot of discount, or “bargain”, photo booths will use a webcam. Do you really want a camera that is lower quality than your cell phone taking pictures at your event? We wouldn’t.

Dye-Sub Printer: Maybe the 2nd most important feature would be the printer. Our booths use a printer especially designed for photo booths. Again, the “bargain” photo booths will use a regular desktop photo printer.

Internal Touchscreen Monitor: We have a 22″ monitor inside the booth to start the session. This screen can be utilized to promote your brand, event or to commemorate your wedding with a picture, or video, start screen.

Two External Monitors: We have two separate monitors on the outside of the booth that can display your logo, a promotional video message, Instagram photos from a specific hashtag, a live slideshow of the action taking place inside the booth, or even a slideshow of photos from the bridal party. The opportunities are endless.

Professional Model LED Lighting: What good is that beautiful smile if there isn’t sufficient lighting to capture it. The 2nd most important feature of capturing a good picture is lighting. Look at any modeling studio for proof. Anybody who has tried to take a picture at night with their cellphone can attest to this.

Open-air or enclosed: Our booths are designed to be functional and flexible. Nothing beats the privacy you get inside the curtains where you can really cut loose and be goofy. But we know sometimes the situation calls for a shot to be more open. For example, the whole bridal party wants to take pictures. It’s as simple as pulling the curtains to the side and we’re wide open. We’ve had as many as 12 people in a shot.

GIF Booth: Our booths make animated GIFs of every photo session. This means is will take every photo of the session, and put them together in a short loop. These are a lot of fun for sharing!

iPad Social Sharing Kiosk: After the photo session is finished, guests can share their experience to social media. You can choose any (or all) of the following to share: individual photos, animated GIFs, or photo strips. All of them can be branded or watermarked. Guests will be able to share their fun to Facebook, Twitter, email or text. Instagram doesn’t play nice by allowing posting from 3rd party apps, but posting is available by texting then posting from your phone.

With all of these features we have laid out here, we’re confident that we have displayed what sets us apart from other photo booths – bargain or otherwise. Give us a call today and let’s get started!