The Blueprint For Using an In-store photo booth for marketing

Using a Photo Booth For Marketing

What kind of numbers can we generate?

GIFs Created
Photos Taken
Social Shares
Facebook Impressions

What do Warby Parker, Urban Decay, Topshot, Soho House New York and Soho’s Reformation have in common?


They realize that some of the best advertising they can get are well-lighted branded photos of customers having a good time.


For roughly the cost of a single newspaper ad, you can have a Premier Photo Booth in your retail store for an entire month. This is not cheesy cash flow tool like the old school photo booths at the mall, this is the marketing tool you have been missing out on.

A long term photo booth install is the most consistent and affordable marketing plan for your business to stay relevant and top of mind.

You allow the photo booth to be free to your guests, they in turn will capture their own smiles, laughter and experience and reward you by sharing it on their social media networks. It’s like Facebook or Instagram ad, but using your guests as the models, creating a connection a traditional ad can’t.

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